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Have a question? Check our FAQ! If you do not see your question answered email or call 434-953-5729.

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What if I’ve never played golf before? 

There’s no better time to start than now. One of the best things about the game is that it can be played late into life. With patience & persistence, the process of learning the skills required to play the game is rewarding & enjoyable. 

What age do you begin working with kids? 

I have experience with group instruction beginning at age three. 

Do you offer a trial lessons for potential students?

Introduction to the Trackman technology used can be arranged for potential students to get a sense of how Rupe will use it to help instruct.

How long are standard lessons?

Individual lessons are 60 minutes. If you would prefer 30 or 45 minute lessons, we can arrange that for a comparable price.

Group instruction can be structured from one to two hours depending on the group’s desires.

Do you offer on-site lessons or virtual instruction?

In person instruction takes place at the practice facilities at Virginia Beach National. Virtual instruction can be arranged by sending Rupe videos of your swing from multiple angles. Send Rupe an email or call to discuss this option if interested.

Do you offer group instruction? 

Absolutely, I welcome groups of friends or colleagues to take part in clinics to build relationships & have fun learning how to play the game of a lifetime.

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